[ExI] Exi JKC Political Posting Final Warning

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Sat Aug 22 22:44:00 UTC 2020

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On 2020-8-22 13:10, spike jones via extropy-chat wrote:
>> Hey, that’s idea: if no one wants to do that, we can set up a reverse 
> lottery, where the person chosen is the loser rather than the winner.
> Then we FORCE the poor blighter into moderating!

>...Traditionally a new Speaker of the House of Commons is dragged to the chair by force, because the Speaker's job was originally to speak to the monarch on behalf of the Commons, a dangerous role.

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Cool thanks for that.  If I am forced to moderate, I refuse to talk to Queen Elizabeth.  She gives me the heebie bajeebies with that whole stiff wave business, making her look like she has only one remaining moving part.  But I have a theory on that.  As ladies age, they get that whole under the arm flap thing going, and they don't like it because it looks too much like their mother and grandmother's flabby triceps that used to gross them out before they developed the same thing for all the same reasons.  I won't address her, even if there is little risk of her ordering off with my head.  She would do that stiff arm with the flabby tricep and I would be soooo outta there.

Anton are you in with our temporary anger mismanagement group?


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