[ExI] GM Mosquitos in FL (on purpose)

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Subject: [ExI] GM Mosquitos in FL (on purpose)


Title: Genetically modified mosquitoes have been OK’d for a first U.S. test flight



“After a decade of fits and starts, officials in the Florida Keys have voted to allow the first test in the United States of free-flying, genetically modified mosquitoes as a way to fight the pests and the diseases they spread…


SR something that has puzzled me for some time: in order for genetically modified mosquitoes to be effective in birth control, they would need to mate before she bites.  I think.  If I understand, they mate, she bites, lays eggs.  If he is one of the GM specials, the eggs are scrambled.  Is that how those buzzy bastards work?


Having grown up in that benighted (but critically important purple) state, it seems like we had all these mosquito subspecies cheerfully cohabitating while team biting.


Anyone in a place where the mosquito is the state bird will likely know the answer to this one.






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