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>...Continuing with logical fallacies, as JKC says, /ad hominem/ attacks
never killed anyone.  Not directly.  Perhaps indirect via apoplexy, but who
doesn't suffer a daily bout of that these days?

>...As Keith says, what Spike posts bugs me far more often than the screeds
& jeremiads that John posts.



No worries K3, do join us please.  Your input is welcome over there.  John
and I welcome your input there.

The concern on the part of ExiMod (and on the part of me for the time I
suffered the omnipotence of being the moderator here) was that particularly
during our quadrennial symbolic civil wars, the toxicity of our cherished
list became excessive.

I can attest from seeing 5 complete cycles of that, I was seeing a sixth and
most toxic form of it.  An example is that non-partisanship is seen as
partisanship by both poles of our highly polarized society, with the
non-partisan aligned with the other side.  Libertarians are used to that.
Fortunately, any resentment is one way; I certainly hold no hard feelings.

A solution was proposed which is temporary, lasting only until our time of
decision has safely passed, which is after all only a few weeks away.

Do join us sir.  Your input is most welcome.

K3, you post such interesting stuff.  Why so seldom do we hear from you?  


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