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>> liberals and conservatives
> These are meaningless labels that change over time. Talking about them is
> a distraction from progress.
Au contraire - any large and, of course, statistically significant
difference among people is quite worth investigating, and it turns out that
these differences are consistent almost to the point of being a personality
trait - though not quite.  And they are deeply held.  Attempts to change a
person's attitude in conservative and liberal areas shows that far from
superficial, they are consistently difficult to change.  Enormous amounts
of data on these - tens of thousands of studies.

Yes, they do change over time, viz the difference between Europe and
America on what those labels represent.  But the underlying attitudes are
quite consistent.  Call them Tories, but they are really conservatives (who
opposed the American Revolution).

Progress?  What kind of progress?   bill w

> -Dave
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