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The law tells you to round up and shoot Jews. 


Is it okay to round them up?

To shoot them?

To help them escape?

To lie and to forge paperwork to help them escape?

SR Ballard




The law doesn’t do that fortunately.  The reference you made is to Nazi Germany, and a perfect example of why we don’t heil anyone.  They were doing that, and handing one guy way too much power, which was promptly abused in a most horrifying way.  Stalin did that (swearing allegiance to him personally) Mao did that (having school children sing songs about what a great guy he was.)  


We must always keep in mind that bad things happen when we make personalities too big a part of the picture.


To answer your question, law doesn’t do that.  Nothing that I recognize as law does that.  Law would prevent that.   It is a feature of the military that they train officers in refusing illegal orders.


Regarding law, I have had a rather disturbing observation with regard to orders from Washington DC to do this or do that on covid-19 that we were told applied to citizens.  POTUS doesn’t command citizens.  She commands the military.




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