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How I’d Change School

By Mark Sisson


Dave, there is so much to say on this timely topic, but I want to make this brief and deal with only one aspect from the article.  


Regarding the comments about letting kids skin their knees, roughhouse and all that: our society is struggling with how to insure all this.  Currently we are nearly helpless to make any such changes, because insurance rates will go up even more dramatically than they always have.


We have the notion we can stop all fighting at school.  It isn’t so much we are necessarily hoping to eradicate fighting for we know human nature.  But we also know the school is held liable, costs go way up.


Those pushing for reform and promote stiffer penalties for fighting fail to realize the penalties differentially harm lower-income families and communities, for it is generally recognized that fighting is more common in poorer communities than in richer ones.  Lack of money is the root of all evil.







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