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> ... Let's hope it doesn't tell the truth and 

> let them know how terrible humanity is!  ;)


> BillK


>...Which leads to the thought -

If we are contacted by an alien civilisation, what are the chances that they
might be misleading us (lying) just as much as we lie to them?  BillK



What?  Whaddya mean lying to them BillK?  Consider that engraved plate Carl
Sagan designed to put aboard Pioneer in 1972:






That plate isn't a lie, that was the truth!  The lie was what we told the


She thought we were studying space science, when really we were checking out
that nekkid space-babe.


Sure it was a lie, but it was really her fault: she cut out the good
pictures in Nat Geo magazines.  What were we boys to do?  Read the articles?



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