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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 20:24:49 UTC 2020

This is not about politics per se.  It's about people.  Is it possible to
have a government of any size without corruption?

Consider a family:  a government of sorts - who gets to say what, do what,
must obey whom, who are the rules for, what happens if they get broken and
all that.

So having kids is a government in miniature.  Recalling your own childhood,
how often did you lie, cheat, steal, hide things from your governors
(parents, kin, whoever)?

Can you imagine anyone saying 'never'?  Ha!  How about if we include your
antigovernment thoughts?  So our beginning experience with government is
how to get around it and do what you want, keeping in mind that the people
you are trying to fool are living with you.  But you find that they are
easy to fool in many cases, which just sends you back to the drawing board
as to what will work when the previous effort failed.

How many people say that they would cheat on their taxes if they know they
couldn't be caught?  And many who deny it would do it.

Now imagine that there are oceans full of money.  "Me, me, I want some of
that."  Short of bank robbery, the best source is tax money.  Who gets to
deal with that:  politicians.  We don't give the fox an open door, but we
do give the fox a key to it when we elect them.  Will the elected try to
shovel some of that ocean into the pockets of their relatives and friends,
not to say themselves?  What percentage do you think?

If fairly high, then we think alike.  What kind of government can stop
this? Probably none.

So let's find out how to elect people we can trust.   If they had a totally
pure record of honesty etc., can we trust them?

I have a lot more thoughts but want to wait and see what replies I get.
bill w
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