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> > *I will bet anyone who wants to take it $100 USD that President Trump
>> will obey the results of the elections *
> I hope you're right, but the fact that he publicly said he would respect
> the results of the 2016 election IF HE WON does not exactly fill me with
> confidence. Do you think Trump trying to hang onto power would be out of
> character for the man?

I wonder, have the political betting odds sites started up a "Trump loses
the election but remains in office as of January 21 (one day after
Inauguration Day) 2021" bet yet?

> *> of both 2020 and, if applicable, 2024.*
> 2024? You think Trump will run for a third term?

Running for a third term despite the Constitution (as amended) saying "no"
is a far lesser threat than staying in office indefinitely despite losing.

It is quite conceivable he could get Republican governors and state
legislators to ram through an amendment allowing him to do so.  That, at
least, would be legal if he got enough states to do it (without illegal
shenanigans getting them to ratify it).
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