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Why do we need to control women's behavior?  Because we are deathly afraid
of them.  For one, they are by far the superior sexual creature by any
standard.  Men know this.  A woman, and I have seen this happen, can make a
man impotent with a few choice cutting words about his sexual performance.
Also, mothers are feared.  The love we want the most as we are growing up
is mother's.  To even think about losing that is a most terrible thing.
(also meaning that the threatened withdrawal of that love is Mom's most
effective tool against misbehavior).    Mother is the next thing to God.

The most obvious example of fear of women is the Islamic religion and the
clothing customs, the mutilation of genitals, and so on.  Of course they
don't realize that. They have to put them down and keep them down to quell
their fears (especially their fears of the women running wild sexually -
Madonna becomes whore.).  Christians have kept them down too, as evidenced
by the faulty assumption that their brains aren't wired correctly and they
'think' with their emotions.

Will post more later.  bill w

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> I read it as implying that placing social value on woman's
> virtue is man's way to control woman's behavior. Especially
> since it is a quote by a woman.
> > The person is claiming that the pretense that women are more virtuous
> than
> > men was an invention of men, and by some measure the "greatest".
> >
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> > > I can?t say I understand.
> > >
> > > SR Ballard
> > >
> > > On Jan 31, 2020, at 6:07 PM, William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat <
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> > > "Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention."
> > >
> > > Cornelia Otis Skinner
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