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>> I would love to have a high school history textbook from 2040.


>…I'm not sure you'd learn much if you did because judging from the way things are going by 2040 the government may be the only one allowed to write history textbooks, or textbooks of any sort. In fact that could happen far sooner than 2040. I certainly don't think the US Senate as its currently constituted would lift a finger to prevent it.


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Our local school district spent a cool fortune on textbooks.  I volunteered for two weeks every day to distribute them to the classrooms.  I am told most of them were never used, or if so, only seldom.  My son has textbooks in every class, but only the math textbook is used to any great extent.


Curriculum is online.  There is no established canon in schools, or if so, nothing like it was when we were that age.


To that observation, there is likely to be no history “textbook” in 2040, but not for the reason John cited.  It would be because it wouldn’t be worth the effort to write it.  Like pornography, history is free.  It is damn hard to compete with free.  Porno video now is made just for fun.  So too will be history texts.



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