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>> *> I would love to have a high school history textbook from 2040.*
> I'm not sure you'd learn much if you did because judging from the way
> things are going by 2040 the government may be the only one allowed to
> write history textbooks, or textbooks of any sort.

 Even if what you fear is true to the extreme, I can think of at least two

1) Hard evidence, of a sort that might motivate some to take action who
currently disbelieve.  (Granted, you'd have a hard time proving the time
travel aspect, let alone that it isn't a forgery or parody from 2040.)

2) Specific actions that they admit to, which today are still illegal and
which there are still police who could independently arrest people for if
they had evidence.  The courts might not accept a textbook from 2040, but
"reverse construction" - use court-inadmissible evidence of illegal deeds
to discover where to look for court-admissible evidence, in places that
anonymous tips allow one to look - is a thing.
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