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> Let?s do an informal survey.  Younger people here (under 40 crowd) do you
> know what that reference was?  Older ones here too, do you remember that
> episode?  Keith I already know you do, and of course plenty of us here
> remember it well.

> You know my response, but just to formally confirm: I know the reference
> and have seen that episode.

I, too, get the reference to pon farr. I'm 44, and my introduction to the show was in October 1984, when my dad sat me in front of the TV to watch "The Doomsday Machine." He said, "This is a show I used to watch when I was a kid. I liked it, but you'll probably think it's stupid after a few years." I still have the original VHS tape on which he recorded that episode, along with "The Changeling," "Wolf in the Fold," and "Mirror, Mirror." Good times. My classmates used to tease me and say, "Hey, Gabe, your ears are getting pointed."

All these years later, and that show has dramatically influenced the person I've become. Star Trek and Stargate, as well as the writings of Arthur C. Clarke and many others (fiction and nonfiction), have all driven me to embrace transhumanism/Singularitarianism/digital ascension/cryonics, etc.

I always figured some Trek folks were part of this list, but I'm happy to see it explicitly mentioned.

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