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>…Because this coronavirus is so new there is a lot of uncertainty about how bad the pandemic will be…seasonal flu, in 2018 it killed 80,000 people in the USA alone…John



We just got a text from our friends who are nearly two days out to sea heading east back from a Hawaii vacation.  The captain announced they are turning back and heading for Hawaii because one of the passengers has (an unspecified) medical emergency.  


The big cruise liners are set up to handle heart attacks and strokes (their regular customers are known to favor those particular maladies.)  One is scarcely better off in a hospital than aboard one of those big floating luxury clinics.  If a geezer lives in a rural area, he might be better off going out to sea to have his coronary.  That tells me that if this medical emergency had been that, they would have kept steaming toward San Francisco.  They turned back at enormous expense.


Speculations please?


I will offer one: my friends might be getting a coupla weeks extra “vacation” free.





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