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> Including the 'good' parts doesn't change the fact that total transparency
> would be a recipe for disaster. Human beings just aren't capable of dealing
> with it. The example of homosexuality and religious convictions about it is
> a perfect example, but far from the only one. Yes, everyone would know
> exactly who had lynched the peaceful gay couple living in No. 26, but that
> wouldn't do the dead couple any good. Multiply that by millions, add in all
> the other kinds of behaviour and world-views that various people see as
> obnoxious, sinful etc., and worthy of violent 'reprisals', and what kind of
> a world would it be?

Who is more in need of anonymity: those who sin but hurt none save
themselves, or those who plan violence against their neighbors?

All across the world, in every community, there are those who oppose
violence against their community.  A chief weapon of oppressive regimes -
whether they call themselves a government, a religion, or whatever - has
been anonymity: one can not strike back against unknown foes.

Witness the rise of doxxing of public, uniformed officers.  On the job,
when they are armed, ready, and surrounded by armed and ready allies, they
are quite identifiable - but they are supposed to be anonymous and private
when off the job.  Strip them of that, and they rightfully fear for their

Many of those who plan violence against "sinners" do not even have that
much protection.  If everyone knew everything, people under immediate
threat of a lynch mob would get warning of an incoming lynch mob and know
which way to flee.  Granted, their pursuers would know which way they fled,
but a chasing lynch mob loses steam once it is clear the message has been
delivered.  And, again, everyone else would get notice that there is this
mob that wishes violence upon their community, and who is leading the mob.
Those who oppose violence are less in need of anonymity, because the end
they work toward is a lack of reprisals.
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