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High quality Graphene (sheets of carbon only one atom thick) is 200 times
stronger than the strongest steel and yet its lighter (2.27 grams per cubic
centimeter compared with 7.75 for steel's lightest alloy), and it's a much
better conductor of heat and electricity than steel or even copper. But
making Graphene had been notoriously expensive because it took so much
energy and could only be made in very small amounts. In the January 27 2020
issue of  the journal Nature DuY X Luong and associates report on a new way
to make it that would use only $100 worth of electricity for each ton of
high quality Graphene produced. In addition the new method requires no
furnace or solvents and produced no reactive waste gases, they make it by
vaporizing carbon with a powerful electrical current in a vacuum chamber.
And the starting carbon feedstock need not be purified, they say they can
literally make high quality Graphene from garbage.

Gram-scale bottom-up flash graphene synthesis

A new company called "Universal Matter" has already started up to
commercialize this discovery.  A space elevator anyone?

Universal Matter <https://www.universalmatter.com/>

John K Clark
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