[ExI] Mental Phenomena

Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 22:09:17 UTC 2020

A quale, in my mind, is only produced when two systems exchange information
in some way.  I guess I actually agree with John, though his manner of
describing it is anathema to me and I think the termination of the miracle
is deeper than he thinks may be plausibly accessible.

In my mind it is clear that the third robot has qualia but not of the same
type of the other two.  In fact we should probably stop saying that the
observer 'has' the qualia at all.  The quale resides in the
observer-observed pair.  It seems pretty impossible for innate qualities to
actually exist in this universe especially because of relativity.

Yet in my mind there is some fundamental concept why my brain and eyes +
680 nm wavelength light = red quale and this absolutely must be based on
some sort of reasoning.  I see no problem with eventually discovering a
qualic space where we can look at structure and determine what qualia are
produced from the interaction of two systems.  A human in its current state
may not be able to experience all these qualia.  However I think there is
probably some kind of transitive property that would allow us to experience


Can you build a UQM -- UNIVERSAL QUALIA MACHINE -- which is able to
experience every possible quale?  How do you build it and what are the
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