[ExI] The world would be so much better if everyone knows everything

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Fri Feb 14 02:06:06 UTC 2020

At the risk of hijacking a thread whose actual context seems a bit  
different, I would like to point out that "knowing everything" is the  
colloquial definition of omniscience. All I want to point out is that  
experiments, such as the Neuron study that I posted earlier, suggest  
that consciousness is a state of matter that is a temporal phenomenon  
that requires *TIME* to function correctly in the sense that if you  
already know EVERYTHING past, present, and future, then INFORMATION as  
defined by Shannon et al does not exist for you. Therefore you cannot  
be be conscious. Consciousness is all about about "finding out what  
happens next" which is is impossible if you already know everything.

Therefore, if God or any other omniscient being exists, then such a  
being cannot be conscious because consciousness is about finding  
meaning in events that are unfolding over TIME in an unexpected way.  
In other words, if someone lights you on fire and you do not move to  
extinguish the flames, then you are probably not conscious.

Stuart LaForge

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