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*> Why is it that nobody can acknowledge that we don't' know the coolness
> of anything?*

Why is it that you can't acknowledge that you don't know what ANYTHING is
if you reject the notion that a chain of "why" questions must come to a end
and you ALSO eject the notion that a chain of "why" questions must NOT come
to a end?

*> If you distinguish knowledge of reality (qualia) from reality (light)*

So you know what qualia is after all! Qualia is what I've been saying all
along, it's a label, and a label gives us knowledge of the insides of a
jar. Of course you will be dissatisfied with "qualia is knowledge of
reality" because you will undoubtedly find an implicit "why" question
lurking in that simple statement and you reject the existence of brute

> *> none of this *(including all the optic illusions, and problems with
> color's people think are "weird".

I disagree, I think the entire universe is pretty weird, that's what makes
it fun.

John K Clark
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