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Thanks, Stuart and Dylan    It was confusing to me because I have known
about the RAS for a long time and if it was mentioned, I missed it.  bill w

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> Quoting William Flynn Wallace:
> > Perhaps they stimulated the ascending reticular activating system?  RAS.
> They specifically targeted the central lateral thalamus by using an
> array of 24 superfine (12.5 micrometer) electrodes and were guided by
> hi resolution imaging technology, so I have to assume that their
> anatomical targeting was precise. But according to their introduction,
> the CL thalamus is directly connected to the RAS so maybe there was
> some current leakage to the RAS? I don't know. The article is free to
> download if you want to judge for yourself:
> "However, the central lateral thalamus (CL) may have a special
> relation to consciousness. CL damage is linked to disorders of
> consciousness (Schiff, 2008). Anatomically, CL receives input from the
> brainstem reticular activating system. It also projects to superficial
> layers and reciprocally connects with deep layers of the
> frontoparietal cortex (Kaufman and Rosenquist, 1985, Purpura and
> Schiff, 1997, Towns et al., 1990). Thus, CL is well positioned to
> influence information flow between cortical layers and areas."
> from
> https://www.cell.com/neuron/fulltext/S0896-6273(20)30005-2#secsectitle0020
> Stuart LaForge
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