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>…LOL Spike it is too perfect that you are related to the Linkin Park guy.  That is some grade A hilarity.  They are kind of bad so no shame for not liking them.  There's some really poetic shit out there though…



Ah, OK then.  I have a young 4th cousin who explained to me who this Shinoda character is.  She said the group is big, football game halftime big.  I asked for a link to one of their songs, she sent one.  I listened to about 30 seconds of it and wrote back: please alternate link?  Do they get any better?


She knows my taste leans more towards Merle Haggard, Elvis, Roy Orbison, James Taylor that sort.  She considered my question and answered:  Ehhhhh, not really.  They get worse however.


She didn’t bother sending another link.  {8^D


Regarding hip hop.  Rock and roll is all about how guys feel about their girls.  Most of it is anyway.  Dancing, copulating, that sorta thing.  I can’t understand the lyrics the hip hopsters are rapping.  I heard Mr. Hussle was slain, so I Googled on Nipsey Hussle lyrics.  This came up:




I know I am being geezerly here, but from my point of view, it looks like this is an entire genre all about murder and racism.  I clearly recall the geezers commenting that rock&roll suggestive lyrics inspired young people to copulate.  Entirely possible.  OK then, consider this:  I found a list of about a dozen rappers who were slain in just the first quarter of 2019:




Please can someone please explain why we need rhythmic poetry about murder, which appears to somehow quite inexplicably inspire murderers to slay those reciting rhythmic poetry about murder?












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  But eventually someone with such a device will attempt hip hop.  Then the arm will reach over, pick up the 44 magnum and blast some hapless prole.



>…Oh you sweet thing…




Sensa huma, Will!  If I stopped my snarky ways, I would be nothing.  Understatement, I would be negative, less that nothing.  I would be subterranean, total garbage, wriggly goo under the trash can!


I don’t want to be any of that, so I keep my sensa huma.


>…There is a lot more to hip hop than 'Straight Outta Compton'…


I don’t know what that is, but I play the sax.  I tried to do hip hop on it.  I didn’t even need to move my fingers.  But no one recognized it.  I can’t imagine playing Name That Tune in hip hop.  Think about it: the Beatles were so great, but decades later they violinized it and made it into elevator music.  How will hip hop ever be violinized when the surviving fans are in their 60s?


>…  I can turn you on to some if you wish…


Eh, probably at least 4 decades too late for that, me lad.  Fun aside, not even kiddng.  I did DNA and learned I have a second cousin once removed who is a hip hop star.  His name is Shinoda.  His mother and I are second cousins, so the rap star is second once removed.  I talked to her (my second cousin) on the phone, she seemed very nice.  Never met her in person.


Hipsters, is there a rap star Shinoda who is in a group called Lincoln Park?  I looked it up once and hated the music, so I fear I won’t get turned on by it now.



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