[ExI] A world drowning in excess savings

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I listen to Ramsey basically every morning while I open my restaurant. People get so clouded by their emotions that they become literally unable to make rational, long-term choices. 

Economics is not driven by rational, self-interested actors. If it were, advertising would look completely different.

What if we had a Ramsey type podcast for STEM majors that steered them towards transhumanist projects. Wouldn’t that be something?

I’d listen to that while I work my worst-than-every-other-list-member-job. Ah, I had such high hopes for myself. I suppose I could still do something but I seem to dabble far too much and have now dropped out of college 3 times. Oh well!

SR Ballard

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> Who is doing this “excess saving”? Rich people? Companies? Governments clearly aren’t, because, you know, deficits.
> SR Ballard
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> >…I won't rest until Dave Ramsey is in jail for this.
> Ramsey has done untold damage!  He is the one who has been encouraging young couples to act with fiscal responsibly.  His treacherous un-American tagline: The Dave Ramsey Show, where cash is king, debt is dumb and the paid off mortgage is the new BMW as the status symbol of choice!
> Heh.  That debt-free scream stuff hasta go too. 
> spike
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