[ExI] Muslim and Supermuslim: Toward Islamic transhumanism?

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Thu Feb 27 07:57:04 UTC 2020

I see intolerance as both a temperamental trait and a consequence of
fundamentalism. Fundamentalism is the certainty that one's group has
all the answers, and a certain degree of hatred against those who
disagree. Fundamentalism is found in religions (including the religion
of atheism), but also in political and cultural movements, etc.

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> The appropriate word would be “intolerant” not “fundamentalist” then. (This is similar to how “radical” has crept to meaning “militant” is common discourse.)
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> Using your analogy, a fundamentalist atheist is one who doesn’t play chess AND doesn’t tolerate that others do. As a chess player, I have no issue with those who don’t play, but I have many issues with those who try to stop me from playing. Live and let live.
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