[ExI] Does the Pope have Corvid-19?

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> If the pope were to catch a virus and perish, one wonders about the
> effect on the believers.

Probably it would have no effect at all, they didn't come to their
religious belief through logic so logic can't destroy them. Meanwhile the
World Health Organization, which unlike all US government agencies doesn't
need clearance from Mike Pence before they can say something on this
subject, has just raised the global risk factor the new coronavirus poses
from "high" to “very high”. The head of the  Federal Reserve Bank of St.
Louis said because of the virus interest rate cuts will probably be
necessary;  normally talk like that would cheer up the stock market but not
this time, probably because its well known that rates are already so low
there is little the Federal Reserve can do to effect the economy,  they've
already used up most of their ammunition.

John K Clark
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