[ExI] Four pieces of evidence from before the Big Bang

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Another silly question from me:  universe origin theories are not
scientific, right?  No observations possible.  I assume the universe as it
is could have been produced several different ways, so there will never be
any solution, any final answer.

bill w

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> These 4 Pieces Of Evidence Have Already Taken Us Beyond The Big Bang
> Ethan Siegel    Feb 28 2020
> <
> https://medium.com/starts-with-a-bang/these-4-pieces-of-evidence-have-already-taken-us-beyond-the-big-bang-5d0005bad7ed
> >
> Quote:
> Perhaps the most compelling part of any remarkable story is its
> origin: how it all began. We can take that question back as far as we
> want, asking what came before and gave rise to whatever we were asking
> about previously, until we find ourselves pondering the origin of the
> Universe itself. This is perhaps the greatest origin story of all,
> which occupied the minds of poets, philosophers, theologians and
> scientists for countless millennia.
> It was only in the 20th century that science began to make progress on
> that question, however, eventually resulting in the scientific theory
> of the Big Bang. Early on, the Universe was extremely hot and dense,
> and has expanded, cooled, and gravitated to become what it is today.
> But the Big Bang itself wasn’t the beginning, after all, and we have
> four independent pieces of scientific evidence that show us what came
> before it and set it up.
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