[ExI] Does the Pope have Corvid-19?

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> Hayek or Keynes - are either of these theories predicated on the
> assumption of the rational investor?  Kahneman and Tversky blew that sky
> high, right?
> Neither Keynesian or Hayekian economics présumés a rational investor. Keynes,
> in fact, argued that investors are often illogical and moved by “animal
> spirits.” You’re perhaps thinking of neoclassical economics.
> (I’m leaving aside the wider field of Austrian the economics, the notion
> of rationality is merely used to mean having a purpose. Thus, someone might
> bay at the Moon because she or he believes this will ring back the text
> files they accidentally deleted and repeatedly do this despite it never
> working and someone like Mises would say the behavior is rational from the
> perspective that they’re doing it for a goal — even if you and I can
> plainly see it’s foolish if funny to watch.;)
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