[ExI] Does the Pope have Corvid-19?

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Sat Feb 29 04:24:09 UTC 2020

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> *I’m not sure one will ever have the optimal time to dismantle the
> current system — *

Well I'm sure the optimal time isn't during a worldwide pandemic, people
are going to be stressed and panicked enough as it is without throwing that
hairball into the mix,

>  > *in other words, if there’ll ever be a time it’ll be painless.*

There will never be such a time because the AI Singularity will happen
first rendering economic questions of that sort moot.

> > *It’s kind of like abolishing slavery. It’s going to cause disruption,*

Yeah, like the sort of disruption the Chicxulub Event caused.

> *but that can’t be the go to argue against it.*

Oh I think it can be.

John K Clark
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