[ExI] Four pieces of evidence from before the Big Bang

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
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You did not answer my question:  if there are several theories that can
explain what the universe looks like now, how can you validate any of
them?  More, better measurement, you say?  Suppose we finally validated
some theory.  So what?  What's the gain?

My problem with it sounds like a typical stupid plebe:  who cares and why?
Is there any usefullness to this research?  Any practical value?  Like
finding oxygen on something 500 light years away?  Where is the scientific
gain here?  Providing endless work for astronomers?

bill w

bill w

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> > Another silly question from me:  universe origin theories are not
> scientific, right?  No observations possible.  I assume the universe as it
> is could have been produced several different ways, so there will never be
> any solution, any final answer.
> >
> > bill w
> >
> If you say, for example, that one of the Gods must have created the
> universe, then that is not scientific. :)
> But we can use our technology to look at the early universe and see
> what that implies must have happened to create the current state.
> (i.e. a period of inflation before the Big Bang). But to date that
> doesn't tell us everything. We wait on better instruments and more
> theory to extend our knowledge.
> That is scientific - seeking to learn more.
> BillK
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