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>> Compassion is the root of the progressive desire to
>> make society more equitable and just.
> ### I have yet to see a modern "progressive" who desires justice and progress, or one that sees compassion as anything but a rhetorical ploy.
> Their idea of progress nowadays is banning plastic straws, showers, and vaccinations. And a lot more. 

Anti-vaxxers are well represented on the Right, don’t you think? In fact, while anti-vaxxers can be found across the political spectrum (I imagine whether one views it as one dimensional or two or more dimensional), those who identify as conservative have a tendency towards being anti-vaxxers. See:


To date, most of the anti-vaxxers I’ve met have self-identified as on the Right and are often religious conservatives. I’m relying on memory and this is anecdotal, so take it with a grain of salt. But that my experience also matches the above study probably means I’m not living inside some weird bubble with regard to this. (For the record, too, all the politically active Democrats who seem progressive that I know personally are pro-vax.)


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