[ExI] Which direction does the arrow of time point in Conway's Game of Life?

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> *if everything started from a point and expanded outward*

There was no outward to expand into, instead the distance between every
point became larger, so the point of view from everyone at every point
would be the same, things are flying away from them and the more distant
they are the faster they are receding from them.  If no point can claim a
unique vantage point then there can be no center of mass.

*> at the same rate, seems like that point would still be the
> center-of-mass of the universe,*

Perhaps from the point of view from somebody outside the universe looking
in, but that is a point of view that can not physically exist.

> > *even if the universe is infinite.*

It makes no difference. If 3D space is finite then it must be closed and
curved and have no center just as the 2D surface of a sphere has no center.
And if it's infinite then it has no center for the same reason that the set
of integers has no center.

 John K Clark
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