[ExI] single neurons think?

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Yes, this is another article reporting on the same work I posted here on
the morning of Jan 6. “Scientists Uncover a Never-Before-Seen Type of
Signal Occurring in The Human Brain

As I was saying on the 6th, “It looks to me like this new discovery could
be exactly describing neural logic with multiple inputs that could react
differently, based on the diverse physical qualities of the many inputs, in
the outer most layer of the cortex.”

I wouldn’t say that it “thinks”, but it certainly could be an important
part of computational binding of multiple different physical pixel
representations, and stuff.

Saying a single neuron can “think” would be like a panpsychist saying that
physical elements are “proto-conscious”.  My question to such would be,
does a “proto consciousness” have the same visual resolution and color
depth as a full consciousness?

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> Basically, the researchers figured out that the human brain can modulate
> the amplitude of electrical activity in order increase the longevity and
> efficacy of its signals. This, apparently, allows individual neurons to do
> more than just figure out if something is one thing or another, it allows
> them to perform an XOR calculation
> <https://hackernoon.com/xor-the-magical-bit-wise-operator-24d3012ed821>,
> something previously thought impossible for a single neuron in the human
> brain.
> Here's the whole article:
> https://thenextweb.com/insights/2020/01/08/scientists-may-have-found-the-missing-link-between-brain-matter-and-consciousness/
> bill w
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