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Another way to look at it: if they were new today, they'd have to be
> FDA-regulated, and would likely wind up banned or mostly so.  See what's
> happened to e-cigarettes, for good reason: they're a not-well-established
> thing that makes people feel good for putting smoke in their lungs.
> There's no way the FDA can say that putting smoke in one's lungs is
> anywhere near healthy, and the reports keep coming out that it's unhealthy.

### Now this is just wrong. Vapes are the best technology for quitting
tobacco in many years, and have saved probably hundreds of thousands if not
millions of lives already. Trump screwed up something huge when he got on
the anti-vape wagon. Vapes don't put smoke in your lungs, there is a reason
they are called "vapes" and not "smokes".

The FDA as usual attacked the wrong target, and harmed countless people who
stopped vaping and resumed smoking as a result of their campaign. All
vaping-related deaths were caused by illegal THC and other drug vapes
adulterated with tocopherol acetate, not by nicotine vapes.

I never smoked myself but I get to lecture stroke patients about quitting
all the time, so the subject is close to my heart. I always tell them to
try vaping to quit, and never believe the hysterical bullshit on TV.
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