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>...I have talked about Gregory Clark's work for years.  The population of
the UK was subject to intense selection (for gaining wealth) over a least
1250 to 1800.  ...Keith

Ja!  Dr. Stock was out here a few years ago doing a lecture and Stanford.
We went to lunch together, he and I instantly got along.  I didn't even know
about his writings on the UK and intentional selection.

I did the AncestryDNA kit and found that I have mostly English ancestry, and
all of them had gotten out before 1800 when that shift took place, so I have
all those selected-breeding genes for wealth building.  I was bred for it,
like a greyhound, born to run or a husky, born to pull a sled.

Oh man, there just hasta be some way I can make a buttload of money from


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