[ExI] What Needs to Happen to Get to the Flying Car Future

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 01:21:47 UTC 2020

"At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, one of the world’s largest
helicopter manufacturers will showcase what a city might look like with
high-volume aerial transit options. Bell is showing off a connected city
concept with miniature versions of its Nexus air taxi and APT cargo drone
flying from building to building, as three layers of software and
detect-and-avoid systems ensure their safe arrival"

"In a few short years, the moonshot concept of flying taxis as an integral
part of future cityscapes has become a sober, earnest pursuit attracting
billions of dollars in investment from companies across the mobility and
transportation space. A futuristic industry once thought to be gated behind
decades of steady technological advancement—or written off entirely—is now
concerned regulators, city planners, and the public won’t be able to keep

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