[ExI] The Expanse is science fiction like television has never seen

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Brent Allsop wrote:
"In the Expanse, do they have any uploading, computational binding neural
ponytails, bodies and avatars that don't need spacesuits of any kind, and
can be easily replaced and re-uploaded when destroyed...."

For that, you should definitely check out the television series, "Altered


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> It’s on Amazon for download. If you have Prime, it’s included.
> I haven’t read the books.
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> Dan
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> Since I only watch golf and tennis on TV I was interested to learn that
> the books I have been reading, Corey, are now TV shows.  So I went to my TV
> and searched and it showed no episodes available.  So how to I watch it?
> If I can, can I watch it from the beginning?   bill w
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