[ExI] The Expanse is science fiction like television has never seen

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sun Jan 12 18:05:15 UTC 2020

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> "What I love about this show is that it's ?realistic? science fiction.
> There's no faster-than-light travel, no crazy artificial gravity or dopey
> aliens. It's just people like us, in an actually possible world. Honestly,
> it's great. So I was excited to get a chance to talk to the  
> showrunner of *The
> Expanse*, Naren Shankar?who, I have to mention, has a PhD in applied
> physics."
> Any big Expanse fans on the list?  :  )

Does binge watching 3 seasons of the show in a week and then waiting  
expectantly for season 4 count? I am a pretty big fan of the show  
actually. The realism and attention to detail on the show is amazing  
and somewhat humbling. (Like when the protagonists almost die while  
strapped to their chairs because one of them failed to lock up their  
tools before the pilot started performing evasive maneuvers in zero G.)

And while the show still paints a dystopian view of the future, it is  
a tolerable and sustainable dystopia, thanks to the fusion power which  
drives their rockets and gives people with sufficient resources the  
ability to choose between three distinct governments and cultures to  
live under: the United Nations, the Constitutional Republic of Mars,  
or the Outer Planets Alliance.

The show is like if the love child of Arthur C. Clarke and Tom Clancy  
wrote space opera.

Stuart LaForge

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