[ExI] 20 Technology Metatrends That Will Define the Next Decade

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Tue Jan 14 20:44:34 UTC 2020

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> Prediction from me:  there will be little pills you will swallow that
> will analyze the microbes in your gut and nag you with messages to your
> phone about what you are eating:  "Hey, slow down on the bacon, will ya?
> You have exceeded your saturated fat for the week, much less today!"  bill w

My prediction is there will be a genetic engineering bubble much like the
Internet bubble of the late 1990's, and one company will be set up to use
CRISPR technology to modify the genome in e-coli gut bacteria so it
produces the aromatic compound in rose oil; then somebody could say with
perfect honesty "my shit don't stink" and people would even thank them when
they farted.

 John K Clark
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