[ExI] IBM’s Plan to Design Solid-State Batteries Using Quantum Tech

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 09:56:01 UTC 2020

"And that’s not the only collaboration IBM has going with the German car
maker. Scientists at IBM and Daimler have joined forces to uses the
computing giant’s quantum computers
to probe the properties of three molecules that could form in the operation
of lithium-sulfur batteries."

"This battery chemistry promises to be more powerful, longer-lasting, and
cheaper than lithium ion technology and could also make it possible to
create solid-state batteries that are, in theory, lighter and more compact.
But it’s still experimental at this stage, and there are plenty of
mysteries about how all the components interact."

"Simulating the three molecules will help us better understand how their
behavior will affect important properties like energy storage and
discharge, but it can take huge amounts of computing power. Quantum
computers hold the promise of doing these kinds of simulations much more

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