[ExI] Sci-Fi Set in the 2020’s Predicted a Dim Decade for Humanity

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> *No matter how bad you think the decade is going to be, sci-fi writers
> think the 2020s are going to be worse."*

Yes but that's not unique to sci-fi, it's in the very nature of drama that
things have to go awry. Except for a few experimental novels that have no
plot they all have places where the characters hopes and expectations go
disastrously wrong; even novels that have happy endings have some pretty
dark parts in the middle, even in romantic comedies there is usually some
misunderstanding that causes the 2 lovers to hate each other in the middle
of the book. Imagine if in the novel "Jurassic Park" everything had gone
exactly as the park's creators originally thought it would, the novel would
be about as interesting as reading a documentary about Disney World if
Disney World were fictional and had never been actually built.

As for reality not being worse than fiction, well, ...we'll see. The winner
of the 2020 presidential election is supposed to take power one year from
Monday, but he or she may not, instead there is a very real possibility the
USA will officially become a dictatorship on Wednesday January 21 2021 at
12 noon Washington time. I sure hope my prediction is as wrong as Orwell's
prediction of what 1984 will be like.

John K Clark
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