[ExI] Sci-Fi Set in the 2020’s Predicted a Dim Decade for Humanity

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 Our biggest daily risks are real and ones we know well.  It isn’t anarchy,
> it isn’t climate change, it isn’t even crime.  It is heart attack, cancer
> and strokes.

### .... and ferrotoxicity!

If I may offer advice that is *definitely not* medical advice and that does
*not* constitute practice of medicine in states where I am not licensed -
keep your total body stores of iron on the low side. This is especially
important for men, who tend to accumulate much more iron than women and
this even at the so called normal levels appears to exert significant and
dose dependent toxicity, leading to strokes, heart disease and other major
health problems.

I started therapeutic phlebotomies a long time ago, and always try to keep
ferritin, a measure of iron overload, at the ~30 ng/ml level, since this
level is associated with best health outcomes. For those of you whose blood
is not considered unclean (as mine is due to being European), regular blood
donations are an excellent way of gaining potentially substantial health

Disclaimers - The above is not medical advice. Do consult your physician
before undertaking any action based on the above lifestyle advice.

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