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Spike, I don't want to be shocked.  I want to be entertained.  My daughter
reads dystopian, post nuclear world war sorts of books and I asked her
why.  She said that in the end they triumphed over their troubles. Fine,
but not for me.  Why read an entire book about a guy who doesn't triumph in
the end except to prove that there are truly irrational people among the
intellectual elite.  His son and everyone else has moved on to the modern
world.  He hasn't.  I get the symbolism - it's just depressing.

bill w

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>> BillW when I read this comment, I remember you had said something about
>> another book being depressing, so I asked myself why I generally don’t find
>> dark books depressing.  The answer I came up with: the European-educated
>> shaman (and the other dark character from Stuart) are caricatures.  Dark
>> writing is often filled with symbolism, and are intentionally exaggerated
>> for the shock value.
> Poe's Law applies, unfortunately.  It is too often impossible to tell if
> this is the case, or if it's not an exaggeration at all and it is a serious
> proposal.  Too often, it really is a serious proposal.
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