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> You and I may be the only sports fans in the group.  I played and loved
> tennis, racquetball (no facility for squash but would love it) and golf.
> Sci-fi, science nonfiction, any biology but esp. parasites, bacteria,
> viruses etc.  I am 78, retired, and read like you, several at a time. I am
> a social psychologist among all these STEM people.  I try to keep them
> straight, but am failing.   Watch out for Spike, he will pull both of your
> legs at the same time.

I row competitively (against people my age), was a regional autocross
champion ~10 years ago, and was on the rifle team in college. I watch
college football and basketball and pros occasionally. I read some sci-fi
and sci-nonfi, but not as much as I used to. l just turned 60. I'm in IT at
Oak Ridge National Lab. I play bass in a "dad band"--we play one or two
gigs per month and recorded a CD available in all the usual places online
(Shelter Road Band - Shelter Blues). I wrote a computer book a long time
ago (The qmail Handbook) that is still selling on Amazon and other places.
I drink a fair amount of beer, whiskey, and wine, and retired from
homebrewing a couple years ago. I live on 31 acres in east Tennessee. I
have three kids who all have master's degrees and three grandkids.

That hits the highlights.

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