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 <https://www.reuters.com/article/us-apple-fbi-icloud-exclusive/exclusive-apple-dropped-plan-for-encrypting-backups-after-fbi-complained-sources-idUSKBN1ZK1CT> Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups


It seems that governments just don't like encryption.... China has long been on the anti-encryption bandwagon and now India has jumped on too and wants to stop civilian use of it…

John K Clark



Technology has come to our rescue.


Consider a photograph made with a standard phone with 16 bit color.  One could take that photo, encode a message in the least significant bit.  The change in the photograph would be impossible to detect.  There is no way to prove that there is a message in that LSB.  Of course the message is 16 times longer than the unencrypted message, but that shouldn’t matter in our times of abundant bandwidth.


Not only could encrypted messages be sent in such a way that they look like ordinary photos, it could be completely secure if encrypted using a one-time pad on a computer not connected to the internet.  Result: snoops can neither crack the message nor even prove there is an encrypted message to crack.  


Ain’t math cool?






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