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For those interested in a book length treatment of the subject, see Wayne Wu's _Attention_.* (Of course, Wu focuses on attention itself -- and that's a fascinating subject and he _does_ consider attention without conscious awareness -- but along the way he goes over quite a lot of empirical work on things like blindsight (which probably almost anyone with a passing interest in consciousness has heard before) and various agnosias, apraxias, and the like.

For an actual empirical example, see https://www.nature.com/articles/349154a0


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* Really wanted to recommend this book since I read it last year. Hoping to write a longer review of it sometime.

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 (from the article)

In fact, empirical studies have revealed quite a range of cognitive functions can be performed outside of conscious awareness even when the stimuli relevant for the task are not perceived consciously. Even functions thought to be tightly linked with consciousness such as attention, working memory, and executive control can be performed in the absence of conscious awareness.


If someone knows of these studies will you please provide a link to one of them?  Thanks.  Bill w

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