[ExI] A odd Gravitational Wave

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Sat Jan 25 19:07:23 UTC 2020

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>...LIGO hasn't released the frequency/shape of the signal yet so, it is all
just speculation anyway...

It has me calculating and pondering.  Perhaps more pondering than
calculating so far.

>...Gravitational wave astronomy is such cool stuff. It is like a
renaissance in astrophysics and I seriously think that it will lead us to a
theory of quantum gravity someday.  Stuart LaForge

Thanks for that Avant.  I am glad others notice this too: astronomy has come
alive in just the past 3 yrs.  We are going thru a... I like your term...
renaissance with those results.  They still blow my mind and give me the
brand of awed astonishment I have not felt since the Hubble started sending
back good images.


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