[ExI] Genetics doesn't explain why people are poor

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> The Nature article didn't cite Gregory Clark who has been discussed
> here for the last 12 years.  His paper "Genetically Capitalist?" is
> entirely supportive of the findings and vice versa.
> https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/d5a8/35ee085a87394dc53eb0db82450fe9dd372a.pdf

Perhaps the Nature article didn't refer to Clark's paper because he
reached his genetic conclusions without any genetics research being involved?

The difficulty with Clark's research and evolutionary psychology is
that they leap from behaviour analysis to the conclusion that it must
be due to genes and miss out all the steps in between. What about the
causes of the behaviour? How much was influenced by genes and how much
by social learned behaviour?  What genes cause what behaviour?
Do these genes *always* cause that behaviour or only in some social
environments? All these questions and more are ignored to reach their
preferred conclusion.

Now that real scientific genetic research is being done different
conclusions are being suggested.

Variable prediction accuracy of polygenic scores within an ancestry group
Hakhamanesh Mostafavi, Arbel Harpak, Dalton Conley, Jonathan K
Pritchard, Molly Przeworski



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