[ExI] Scientists Discover 4 Distinct Patterns of Aging

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>Some people's hearts stay strong well into their 60s,

A few months back I was taking a physiology class and I remember being very
confused about how the heart could maintain a very specific rhythm for a
very long time, never stopping, everything remaining in sync and then
suddenly it falls out of the synchronization for some people. Sometimes it
happens before 30, sometimes never once in the entire lifetime. Although I
haven't read up on it myself yet, I'd love to hear some ideas


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> "Some people's hearts stay strong well into their 60s, but their kidneys
> begin to fail. Others may have the kidneys of a 30-year-old but fall victim
> to constant infection."
> "Now, scientists may be one step closer to understanding why the aging
> process varies so drastically between people."
> "Even within a single person, aging unfolds at different rates in
> different tissues, sometimes striking the liver before the heart or kidney,
> for example. People fall into distinct categories depending on which of
> their biological systems ages fastest, and someday, doctors could use this
> information to recommend specific lifestyle changes and design personalized
> medical treatments, according to a new study, published Jan. 13 in the
> journal *Nature Medicine*
> <https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-019-0719-5>. "
> https://www.livescience.com/four-types-of-aging-revealed.html
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