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Astronomers Have Caught a Star Literally Dragging Space-Time Around With It



In everyday life, frame-dragging is both undetectable and inconsequential, as the effect is so ridiculously tiny. Detecting the frame-dragging caused by the entire Earth's spin requires satellites such as the US$750 million Gravity Probe B, and the detection of angular changes in gyroscopes equivalent to just one degree every 100,000 years or so.







I was one of the very lucky ones: I was given a chance to work on Gravity Probe B back in about 1989 and 1990.  That was the coolest project in history, but I sheepishly confess my own skepticism: I never thought it would work.  I estimated the chances all that stuff would work at about 20%.  Well, it worked.


I was on that project during the earthquake on 17 October 1989.  I was relieved to learn that the gyros were not damaged.



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