[ExI] Whitewash

Darin Sunley dsunley at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 23:22:45 UTC 2020

I will bet anyone who wants to take it $100 USD that President Trump will
obey the results of the elections of both 2020 and, if applicable, 2024.

I have been hearing this ridiculous horse puckey my entire life - that
[insert President here] will declare themselves Caesar and

It was implausible nonsense about Obama.
It was implausible nonsense about Bush II.
It was implausible nonsense about Clinton.
It was implausible nonsense about Bush I.
It was implausible nonsense about Reagan.

It makes the otherwise reasonable, intelligent people who spout it, on bith
sides of the aisle, sound like paranoid loons.

There are many plausible failure modes of a complete breakdown of federal

Caesars are not one of them.

I may have ti make this offer every election year - like your psychic
research wager.

Just stop this. It's silly.

[Of the presidents in that list the most worrying was actually Bush I.
Word-to-the-wise: don't elect former heads of the CIA to high office. They
know where entirely too many bodies are buried, from direct involvement in
the burial.

Until we see a President normalizing wearing a high ranking service uniform
and supplementing the Secret Service with mainline military units and/or
private security forces, we're a long way from El Presidente.]

On Fri, Jan 31, 2020, 3:45 PM John Clark via extropy-chat <
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> The grand whitewash has now been successfully completed. The US Senate,
> the so called "greatest deliberative body in the world" has cowardly made
> it clear that it doesn't want to know the truth and will do everything in
> its power to prevent you or any of the American people from knowing it. And
> so only one more step is needed for the march toward dictatorship to be
> complete, staying in power after January 20 2021 regardless of the November
> election results.
> John K Clark
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