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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 23:35:34 UTC 2020

Some really bad statistics are reported on those who have been out of
school for months.

As expected, those who lack internet access to the school's programs are
hurt the worst.

Question:  should basic internet be available to every household?  Cost
based on income. Some will get it free. Online learning, as Spike keeps
preaching, is the future, or at least a big part of it in education.  We
will create even bigger gaps between the various minorities if we don't do

Yeah, another government welfare program, I hear ya.  But look at the
statistics of the education achievements of those in prison. Pathetic, esp.
re minorities.  Prison costs run about $30K a year here per inmate.  Some
of them, of course, are just psychopaths and mentally retarded etc.  But
some would be able to get jobs if their education was better.

We need school reform.  We need prison reform.  We need to change some laws
about sentencing.

Would you be in favor of internet welfare?

bill w
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